Special Features
Dual LED Head Lights Branded Tubeless Tyre
3 Speed Control Regenerating Breaking System
Warranty 1* Year* Reverse Gear
Mobile Charging USB 2.0
Anti theft Alarm Emergency Switch
Side Stand Sensor Right Thumb On/off
Electronic ABS Keyless Entry / Cruise Control
Lead Acid 12v28 AH x 4/5 Battaries
Lithium Ion 48v/60AH 26ah x1 Pack
Lithium Phosphate 48v/60AH 26ah x1 Pack
With Lead Acid 101 kg
With Lithium Ion 75/75 kg
With Lithium Phosphate 74/75 kg
Battery Life Span
With Lead Acid 500 Cycles
With Lithium Ion 1500 Cycles
With Lithium Phosphate 2000 Cycles
Consumption of Units
Lead Acid
Lithium Ion 1 Units
Lithium Phosphate
Time For Charge
Lead Acid 6-8 Hrs
Lithium Ion 3-5 Hrs
Lithium Phosphate 6-8 Hrs
Type of Motor BLDC
Type High Rigid Tubular Indian Made Frame
Front Telescopic
Rear Hydraulic
Front Disc/Disk Brake
Rear Drum Brake
Lithum Ion Rs. 69,030/
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